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The main themes of past KUEFI events have included:

  • Fencing Benefits: Teaching the public about fencing’s educational advantages and its benefits for character development;
  • Friendship:  Developing strong bonds and exchanging culture between US and Korean collegiate fencers and their staffs;
  • Growth:  Promoting the healthy growth of the sport of fencing and strengthening US and Korean collegiate fencing programs.

KUEFI is proud to host the 'Education Through Athletics' seminar that will showcase great fencers from top-tier US universities to emphasize the enormous benefits of pursuing excellence in both academics and athletics.  The seminar will be open to the media and general public:


Purpose: Spreading awareness in Korea about the enormous benefits of being a Student AND an Athlete rather than just one or the other.


  • Brief individual speeches (5-minutes) by Student-Athletes from top-tier USA universities
    • How they were able to balance their academics and athletics growing up; and
    • How has being a student-athlete benefited you and/or your life (time management/ commitment/
      teamwork/ etc.)?
  • Question & Answer session with coaches from top-tier USA universities and the Chairman of the Korea Collegiate Fencing Federation. 
    For example:
    • What are the most important aspects you consider when selecting student-athletes to your team?
    • What are the most important traits a student-athlete should have to excel at both academics and athletics?
    • What is the value of student-athletes in your college community?

Working closely with Sports Chosun, one of the biggest media companies in South Korea whom also shares in our desire to promote the student-athlete model, our 'Education Through Athletics' seminar will draw huge attention from the media and will be a great opportunity to show the greatness of student-athletes in the United States.

Theme Education Through Athletics 
Background • 'Elite athletes’ academic level' and 'Regular students’ lack of physical activity' have become a big issue in the sports world.  
• Discussing ways to turn a strong sports country into a well-rounded sports country.  
Main participants  • KUEFI Organizing Committee. 
• Stanford, Harvard, Yale, Notre Dame, Brandeis, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, UPenn, Cornell, and Northwestern coaches and athletes.  
• Alex Kim: 2000 NCAA Individual Tennis Champion; Stanford University Hall of Fame: Intercollegiate Tennis Association (ITA) Men’s Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame; Wall Street investment experience. 
• Arnold-Peter Weiss (MD): Brown University - Professor of Orthopaedics.
• Board Members of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and the Korea Foundation for the Next Generation Sports Talent (NEST). 
• Parents, athletes and coaches of Korean middle school, high school, and college students.   
• Media officials.
Goals • To present a vision that student athletes can follow through the examples of the student athletes of elite US Universities. 
• To showcase role models of Education Through Athletics, raise public interest, and come to mutual understandings.   
• To present a vision of producing world leaders and world sports leaders beyond the typical sports star.