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Absolute International Collegiate Fencing Elite Competition


Brian Ro
Last week, I made some of the best memories I will ever have in my life. I was able to spend time with the people I love and compete in the sport that I love. All of this could not be possible without you. I am so grateful that you have blessed me with this opportunity and I will never forget it. Thank you again for everything and I hope to see you soon. Until then, take care.
Jessie Laffey
Hi Mr. Jung,
Thank you so much for inviting the Columbia team and the rest of the American fencers to KUEFI. We really had a great time and hope we will see you again next year! Have a great summer!
This was my second time attending the KUEFI tournament, and last year's event had set my expectations. My experience in Jeju was fun and fulfilling, but I wasn't prepared for the level of commitment and professionalism present in this year's event. It was a pleasure to get to see some of the Pan-Asian championships and then compete in the same facilities that the best fencers in the continent had used just hours before.
Although my event was small, I was able to compete against some Korean fencers with very distinct styles (and also an NCAA runner-up) and I enjoyed every moment of it. This event inspires a mutual respect between the fencers of both countries, as well as a camaraderie between fencers who share a nationality that I haven't experienced anywhere else.
All in all, this trip has been one of the best experiences in my fencing career, and I hope to earn the privilege of attending again next year.
From Ediona Sera - Cornell Foil
"The trip to Korea was amazing. The fencers were incredible and very welcoming. The Korean team is extremely disciplined and talented in fencing, allowing the USA fencers to gain more insight into the international competitive field. This program was an excellent way to create relations through fencing and expand the reach of the sport all together."
From Anastasia Turin - Cornell Saber
"This trip to Korea has been a great experience for me. I am so glad that I got to go because without this event, I would have never been able to visit Korea. I am grateful to have been a part of the fencing tournament and interact with people from halfway across the world that love to fence as much as I do. I enjoyed my time touring Suwon and loved everything Korea had to offer."
From Coach Iryna - Head Coach Cornell W. Fencing Team
Dear Alex and everyone involved in making this year's KUEFI Invitational a very special experience, We are grateful to have been invited to participate and fence with such strong fencers, which South Korea has grown.
You, our wonderful hosts, provided us with another great opportunity, once we've arrived, which was to also witness Asian Championships. I can highly command the level of fencing I've seen and certainly conclude how strong the competitors are there. Our team and I certainly enjoyed this experience and are very thankful to organizers - our hosts, as again the conditions and the overall atmosphere was at the height of all expectations by fencers and coaches alike.
Best Wishes to South Korean Fencing from Cornell Fencing!
Coach Iryna and fencers
From Kristen Holl - Cornell Saber
"I am very thankful for the opportunities KUEFI provided for me to experience an international fencing competition and to learn about Korea's rich culture. Our Korean hosts and sponsors were incredibly kind and gracious, and made this trip an unforgettable experience. I was very impressed by the skill level of the Korean fencers. I appreciated learning about the differences in training and education among Korean and American student-athletes. KUEFI also helped me appreciate the richness of Korean culture as we learned about its innovation as we toured the Samsung headquarters and its history as we toured the beautiful Suwon Hwaseong Fortress. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible, and I wish the tournament and Korean fencing great success in the future!"
Justin Wan
I had a great time at KUEFI. Being able to travel outside of the country for fencing is one thing but when I got to go with my friends and also have time to explore the area I found it to be an entirely different experience. I was able to really expose myself to new culture without feeling like I was only going to be there for a few days and forget it. As for the fencing, it was truly eye-opening for me to meet and fence the different Korean schools and see first-hand how they differed from my life in America. I felt that the tournament really facilitated a healthy form of competition that I have not experienced before. My experience was one that I will never forget and I hope it continues to be practiced in the years to come.
Thank you,
Barrett Weiss
I just wanted to say that this year was by far the best experience I have had with the KUEFI event out of all the years I have attended. I enjoyed my time in Suwon whether I was fencing, or experiencing the culture. The hotels were very comfortable, and the food was up to par. I was really happy to be a part of this experience and would absolutely be love to be a part of any events like this one in the future. It was really was an experience I will never forget, and I am honored to have been lucky enough to be invited, With great thanks,
Michael Aufrichtig
Every year I have attended KUEFI I make new friends, learn new ideas and appreciate what we can do to promote education and athletes as an optimal standard for the well rounded young adult. The trip itself opens our eyes to Korea culture and ideas. It is a priceless experience which we are thankful to be a part of!
I still cannot believe how lucky I am to have had the chance to participate in KUEFI. The experience was far and away the high point of my summer. Not only did I get to compete with some of Korea's top fencers, but I was also given a rare chance to get to know the athletes and interact with them on a personal level. Some of my fondest memories were of our interactions with the Korean fencers off the strip: when they would help us order food at a restaurant, or even when they would play small jokes on us. While I may have the opportunity to fence strong Korean fencers again in the future, I don't know if I will ever get another chance to experience their culture as vividly as I did with KUEFI.
Harvard College Class of 2015 - Kara Lee
Being part of the KUEFI event this year was truly an amazing experience. I have visited Korea several times before but participating in a fencing tournament and begin able to meet other international fencers was really special. The tour of Samsung and Suwon was also really fun, and gave us a chance to hang out and explore the city outside of the tournament. Thank you to everyone involved for such a fun week in an incredible country!
Ben Riviere
"To me, KUEFI is more than just a fierce international competition. Although I was very impressed with the strong technical level of Korean fencers, the nature of KUEFI is special in that it combines competition with bonding between Americans and Koreans.
Specifically, I recall my pool match with Ki Hoon. After one point, I fell and landed on my wrist. It was not serious and we were able to finish the match. Without exchanging words, Ki Hoon ran to the Sports Medicine, grabbed the numbing spray and helped me with my injury. After that we smiled and laughed while trying to decipher the respective other’s language. We ended up just high-fiving and giving each other the universal thumbs-up.
Against the odds—living on the other side of the planet and facing a complete language barrier—his kind gesture formed a friendship. I believe that through my small experience we can see the tremendous underlying merit of KUEFI."
Kat Holmes
Dear Alex,
I attended the KUEFI tournament once before, two years ago, and upon returning this summer, I yet again fell in love with the Korean culture, history, and people. I have traveled to many tournaments around the world, but none have offered the same learning, cultural, and personal growth experiences that KUEFI provides. Through your hospitality and generosity I was not only able to compete and improve my fencing, but also make new friends and immerse myself in a culture that, through both its differences and similarities, has so much to offer. I think the message that you are sharing – “education through athletics” – is such an important one, yet one that goes largely unheard around the world. Now entering my senior year at Princeton, I attribute my successes, both in athletics and academics, to that very mantra. Although fencing can be very time consuming, I have learned invaluable time management and organizational skills that extend far beyond the strip. Instead of being opposing forces, academics and athletics thus work in tandem, helping to bring out the best in each field. To that point, my deep involvement and commitment to athletics, which has subsequentially resulted in a few injuries, has inspired to be an orthopedic surgeon so as to help heal the next generation of athletes. As such, athletics will always be an important component of my life, in one form or another, and continues to inspire me both on the strip and in the library.
Stephanie Wang
KUEFI was a tremendously rewarding fencing and cultural experience. I am thankful for the opportunity to fence against high-leveled Korean athletes and immerse myself in Korean culture. From touring Samsung’s digital city, to walking the streets of Seoul at night with fencing friends, to tasting many new foods, KUEFI has been a memorable experience and I hope to return next year.
Penn Fencing - Andy Ma
The KUEFI trip and competition are very experienced. I think it is a wonderful opportunity for Korean and American student athlete to exchange the culture and learn different style in fencing. It is a very good way to build up the relationship in all directions. I think if both Korean and American coaches and fencers can work together or exchange coaching, it will build up better relationships. Like party or team work together, etc.
Thank you again.
Best regards,
Christine McIntosh (Cornell University)
Dear KUEFI Organizers,
Thank you so much for providing my teammates and I with the opportunity to return to Korea and participate in KUEFI this year. We had a fantastic time fencing, learning about athletics in Korea and enjoying all the beauty Jeju has to offer. We also made lasting friendships with Korean students who we never would have met if not for KUEFI. It was truly the experience of a lifetime. Sincerely,  Christine.
April Whitney (Cornell University)
I want to take the time to thank the KUEFI 2013 organizing committee as well as Jimi Jung for an outstanding trip this summer. For the past two years that I have participated at KUEFI, it has proved to be a valuable experience and opportunity, and at that, one that I will likely never forget. Thank you for all of the effort, time, and resources you have put forth each year to bring this event to fruition. Thank you! April.
Angelica Gangemi (Cornell University)
My experience at KUEFI this summer was unforgettable. Not only was I given the opportunity to fence challenging opponents, but also the chance to experience the rich culture of Korea and explore the beautiful island of Jeju. I am so appreciative of how welcoming and kind the organizers and volunteers were. I am truly grateful that I was given the opportunity to attend KUEFI this summer and will always hold on to the memories I made there. Angelica.
Olivia Weller (Cornell University)
I had an amazing experience in Jeju this past summer, both on and off the strip. I am so appreciative to the KUEFI organization for extending the generous invitation to so many American fencers. I learned so much about the Korean culture and was so pleased with how eager the KIS students were to speak with us about our fencing and education experiences. I hope I was of some help to them and they enjoyed themselves as much as I enjoyed my time there! Thank you for all the hard work that was put into the event, and I hope to be able to go back to Korea sometime in the future. Olivia.
Audrey Speer (Cornell University)
I want to say thank you so much to the organizers of KUEFI. I never thought I would have the chance to see South Korea and because of your generosity I have been there twice! Through the spirit of good natured competition, we have learned so much about fencing in South Korea and Korean culture. The dedication of your fencers inspired us. I hope in the future more American fencers can visit South Korea and see all what your country has to offer. Audrey.
Jennifer Yamin (Northwestern University)
This year's KUEFI event was a culturally enriching and amazing trip. The event was very well-run and competing with the Korean fencers was a great experience. The "Education Through Athletics" Seminar and the "Run for Loves" event were also a wonderful part of the overall competition.
Courtney Dumas (Northwestern University)
I would first like to say thank you to Jimi Jung and everyone involved in the KUEFI organization. I have participated in this tournament two years now and both tournaments have been fantastic experiences. Not only was there great fencing, but I enjoyed meeting the Korean students….Thank you for inviting me to participate in this event and teaching me about Korea and its fantastic culture.
Cara Franke (Northwestern University)
Fencing at KUEFI this past summer was extremely rewarding and memorable. I enjoyed interacting with other students throughout the trip, learning about the culture of Korea, and exploring the beautiful island of Jeju! I found the Education Through Athletics presentation very moving and believe it was an essential part of my overall experience--reiterating the purpose and importance of KUEFI and its values. Additionally, I would like to thank Jimi Jung all of the event organizers for their incredible hospitality, and I hope to return in the future.