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Web Master 2012-08-22
벑濡앸맂 泥⑤뙆씪씠 뾾뒿땲떎.
벑濡앸맂 泥⑤뙆씪씠 뾾뒿땲떎.
Posted on August 11, 2011 
Stanford Fencing, along with teams from 7 other universities across the United States were invited to compete in the first-ever Korea-USA Elite Fencing Invitational in Busan, Korea, the first week of August (4th-6th) against the best fencers in Korea.

I was sad to be leaving the new friends I had made in Taiwan, but I was excited to see my teammates again. Some of them I hadn?셳 seen since the end of winter quarter! It would be an awesome reunion (and ragefest, but that?셲 another post).

Everyone from the US arrived on the 3rd, mostly at night. Dong-Eui University was hosting the tournament, and all the competitors and coaches were hosted in one of the dorms on campus. As soon as we arrived, KUEFI volunteers debriefed us on the course of action for the next few days and gave us updated schedules about event times. Assigning us our room numbers, we headed up to our rooms and checked out our digs. I wish I had taken a photo of the dorm room?밿t was a pretty nice setup, with the exception of the entire bathroom doubling as the shower: ?쏹hhhh, here?셲 a shower head??is this???Oh.??Minor detail.

Even though I ended up getting knocked out during the first round of DE?셲, I had a great time participating in the tournament. I met some wonderful girls in my pool from the Korean universities who were really friendly and gave me snacks afterwards + took photos with me (shout out to Sooyoung Choi for being the first to introduce herself and waving to me every time she saw me!)

On the last day of competition, they had the top placers in each of the weapons from the US and Korea square off on a team relay bout. Did I mention that it was on national TV? Baller status. I?셶e gotta find a stream of that somewhere. Other noteworthy instances at the tournament was getting interviewed by a local radio station, performing the dance to ?쏶orry, Sorry??by Super Junior with Francesca in the bleachers inside the venue (to the delight of the male Korean fencers below), and having Korean fencers who apparently knew me wave to me and say hello everywhere I went.